Modular autonomous night light _ living sculpture/installation, 2017

sample of the sculpture/installation, wall 70cm x 90cm, made of cultured bioluminescent fungi bricks

Garketch presented this work during the Art & Biology Conference, june 2017, University of Caen, France.

Bioluminescent mushrooms are grown in culture containers designed as transparent wall bricks. The unique technique developed by Garketch allows the mushroom to live many months without any care. In those conditions, it glows in the dark continuously. The luminescent bricks are modular, they can be used separately as beacons in the dark (or a night light), or can be assembled by thousands in an infinity of arrangements in 2D or 3D, to create sculptures or massive installations. All the bricks are unique and deploy different patterns of light, depending on the growth of the mycelium and fungi fructifications.

At first glance the mushroom looks like any white mold, but the very low light produced can be perceived by humans after adapting the eye sensitivity to complete darkness. Then only, can appear the strange beauty of this organism.

A close look at the light patterns forming in the culture bricks