Plant biologist and artist, Garketch delivers an artistic proposal with visual and conceptual sensitivity. His interest in life in the widest acceptions, gives him a characteristic focus on human nature.

Objects, whose creation and reproduction depend on a higher power, do have a birth, a life and a destiny. The existences of objects and living beings follow similar cycles, death leading to life, creation emerging from destruction.

Garketch's artistic work is evolving on a wide area between a modern vision of ‘primitive arts' and 'bioart'; suggesting a blend of magic and pragmatism, innocence and cynicism.

The use of science and scientific techniques can be intricately nested in the conception of his artistic vision. Technical details are all staged for their poetic importance.

Garketch can be amazed to see the spontaneity of his art and how forms emerge from raw materials under his eyes, observing the forces driving the development of his creations.

Behind the visual aspects of his works, lies a vast questioning about epistemology and metaphysics... life, death, science, people, knowledge, beliefs, vanity and reality.